How To Make Your Holidays Memorable?

Live an entire year in a day. Even if you don’t do something life changing on your birthday, by living completely for the day, you can not only make memories to tide you over for the whole year, you can also keep yourself motivated to make it to your next birthday; motivating yourself to do better than you have so you can celebrate bigger. So eat the cake, buy the shoes and take the holiday…it is after all your birthday!The holidays are fast approaching us! And after a year filled with terrible and unpredictable weather, not to mention the nearly daily dose of bad news, everyone deserves to get away a little and pamper their body and mind. If you’re planning on a holiday, then it’s a given that you’d want to make it memorable padi open water at Koh Tao, and to make the best of it. If you’re wondering how you could do so, we’re here to help you out. Here’s what our experts on travelling have to say on making lasting memories on your next holiday…!

  • Unplug and disconnect – in our opinion, this is the most important tip. Teach yourself to survive without glancing at smartphone or scrolling through the same few apps of social media in your phone. Since you’re on a holiday, disconnect entirely from your office, only leaving space for absolute emergencies. If you are travelling with your family, make sure everyone is aware of the rule. This will definitely open up more chances to make memories as a family as well!
  • Try an adventure sport – most tourist spots and holiday destinations are armed with many memory making activities with scuba diving course. More often than not, you’d even find an adventure sport or two. Prepare yourself to give it a try. If you can swim, consider an open water course or even diving. Not a fan of swimming? What about flying? Try sky diving in that case…!
  • Leave the diet behind – scuba diving and adventure sports not everyone’s cup of tea…but trying out new food should be right up your alley! To make the most of your holidays and make it memorable, leave the diet back home as you travel. If you’re opposed to this, at least convince yourself to try out a little but of everything; as opposed to eating a whole plateful. Trust us, food has a miraculous way of evoking memories at the oddest moments!
  • Eat the cake, buy the shoes – most people love shopping while travelling. Others feel it bogs them down. But if you find something that you absolutely love, do consider taking it back home. Trust us, those pretty trinkets or shoes can come back to haunt you…!
  • Take pictures through your eyes – in this age and time, most of us have a quality camera or at the very least, a smart phone with a quality camera. As a result, most of us our glued to our screens, trying to capture the moment. It’s important that you take back a tangible memory of the places you visit, but not as important as capturing it through your eyes and etching it onto your memory…