Tips For Landing A Cheap But Good Lodge

Finding a pretty decent lodge can be quite the task these days. Especially with the hike in prices of properties, finding a cheap lodge has become a very difficult task. Here are some tips that users have shared over the internet to finding a good and cheap lodge anywhere in the world!

Check Online

You can find pretty much everything on the internet. And finding a lodge is no different. There are many sites with listings of lodges in the locality. You will even be able to check the reviews of the lodge on such sites. You will be able get the prices too. Other than on the internet you can check in the newspapers too if you are living in the same locality. The lodges available for rent will be listed in the newspapers too.


It is better that you compare the lodges before settling for any one. You will have to compare the prices and the quality of the lodges. As both these factors go hand in hand. Make sure to do a thorough comparison of the selected lodges. Unlike hotels near BTS Asoke, lodges are less secure and aren’t always what they are described to be in the ads. So you will need to write down the available and missing features in each lodge to decide the better one for you.


Don’t ever decide on a lodge online. Make sure to visit it before leasing it out. Unlike reserving a hotel that is well known of, you will need to take extra precaution. It is always best if you can visit the lodge before making any payments. It is also advisable to avoid any online transactions to sites that aren’t well known of. Always best to make a bank transfer. You can view more information here

Inquire from people in lodges

The best way to find how good a lodge is, is to talk to the people living in it. If you’re considering moving to a lodge for long term stay then you can just inquire around from the people already there. You can also ask around for lodges that they may know but is not very popular but offer good value for money. So try to be as inquisitive as possible to find out the best lodge for you!